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Town of Loxley, Alabama
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Building / Zoning Forms and Documents

All forms and documents found under this heading concern construction, applications, and rules. If you are a private citizen, a business owner, a contractor or a development company you can find all the information and forms you will need here.

2030 Comprehensive Plan

  Comprehensive Plan

Standard Specifications for Water Mains, Sanitary Sewers and Sewage Pumping:

The Town of Loxley is currently under the following Building Codes:

2012 ICC Building Code
2012 IRC Code
2012 Plunbling Code
2012 HVAC Code
2012 Fuel and Gas code
2012 Energy Code
2011 NEC Code

In addition to the above codes the Town of Loxley has adopted supplemental Building Codes:

Zoning Ordinances

  Zoning Ordinance (Updated 06-2016)
  Application to Amend Zoning Ordinance
  Petition for Annexation (Must have Notary Public Affidavit attached)

Subdivision Regulations

  Subdivision Regulations (Updated 06-2016)
  Application Form for Preliminary and Final Plat
  Preliminary and Final Plat Certification
  Certification by Baldwin County Department of Public Health
  Certificate of Final Plat Approval with County Engineer
  Certificate of Final Plat Approval without County Engineer

Building Permits

  Building Permit
  Electrical Permit
  Vendor’s List (List all vendors and Loxley License # associated w/ each vendor)
  Public Right of Way Access Permit
  Driveway Culvert Application
  Board of Adjustments Request for Variance
  Board of Adjustment Special Exception Permit
  Comprehensive Plan


  Sign Ordinance
  Sign Permit


  Map of Zoning Area (Updated 11-8-2012)


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